Message from the CEO

Steel is a bare necessity in our day-to-day lives and its uses are often overlooked or taken for granted. In today’s modern and technologically advanced world, steel is a staple in the development of infrastructure, ports, dams, daily household products, railways and a host of other items. The efficient use of steel has enabled architects, designers and engineers’ world over to create and sustain stronger societies, equipped with mechanization and modernization.

Pakistan’s success in overcoming the challenges of the 21st century hinge largely on the development of its infrastructure and road network which will serve to connect the country from Gwadar in the South to Gilgit in the North. Horizon, being a key player in Pakistan’s steel sector is determined to tap into the potential of the nascent and growing steel industry. We are in the advanced stages of setting up a state-of-the-art wire rod manufacturing plant located in Bin Qasim Industrial Park in Karachi under the name “Horizon Steel (Pvt) Ltd.”

We are constantly striving to excel and build on the remarkable success, which we have enjoyed since our inception. Horizon is geared towards carving its space as significant player in the regional steel industry and earning the trust of consumers based on its reputation as a pioneer in the field. Our vision is to ensure sustainable growth, and do the right things in right ways thus bringing us one step closer to a stronger tomorrow.

Shoaib Sultan Khwaja
Horizon Steel (PVT) LTD.