About Horizon Steel

Horizon Steel is Pakistan’s first dedicated Wire Rod Mill, utilizing State of the Art, No Twist, 6 Stand, High Speed Wire Rod Block to produce Low and Medium Carbon Steel Wire Rod ranging from 5.5mm to 16mm in diameter.

This project has been setup with 50% Foreign Direct Investment.

The installed capacity of the Wire Rod Mill is 112,000 MT per Annum.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to make Horizon Steel a market leader in the value added engineering sector and support the development of export oriented down stream manufacturing whilst creating 100% import substitution.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to achieve our goals with a commitment to work as a team, to provide.

The highest quality material to our customers at the best possible terms within the specified time.

Customer satisfaction by giving accurate information and reliable results, conforming to National & International standards.

To adhere to the highest level of business ethics.

Continuous growth and achievement of maximum results in our Industry.