Wire Rod Applications in Downstream Industry

Wire rod is the raw material to a large number of downstream industries with applications in items such as Galvanized Wire, Fencing Wire, Razor Wire, Barbed Wire, Binding Wire, Mesh Wire, Nuts & Bolts, Nails, Fan Guard, Bicycle Spokes, Welding Electrodes etc.

General application of Wire Rod caters to more than 200 types of products including every day items that we can relate to Stapler Pins, Paper Clips, Safety Pins, Clothes Hangers, Umbrella Ribs, Spectacles etc.


Benefits of Locally Manufactured Wire Rod

Locally manufactured Wire Rod will immediately create benefits to local downstream industries as given below;

Consistent supplies of high quality and graded raw material delivered to their door step.

Just in Time availability of raw material which will improve their working capital cycle.

Local industry can utilise their cash flows towards increased productivity geared towards expansion, innovation and exports.

Small cottage industries not having access/ability to import would be able to procure raw material as per their requirement.

Possibility of new entrants in value added downstream manufacturing.

Impact on local downstream manufacturing can further create import substitution of value added downstream products.

Ability for existing manufacturers to enhance export of value added products